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Monday, March 20, 2006 

A new style for Deft Palate

When I began the Deft Palate blog, I was looking for a way to publish my restaurant reviews on the Internet. However, like so many food lovers, I found other things began creeping onto the site. I pondered desserts for Thanksgiving. I posted recipes for some outrageous grilled cheese sandwiches. And while my focus remained on food, my reviews became sporadic.

I was recently hired to write restaurant reviews for the Anchorage Press as well as the Ester Republic, and it seems now is the time to shift this blog back to restaurant reviews. But since I still have a deft palate when it comes to my own cooking, I've started a recipe blog as well, Deft Palate Recipes. I've moved all recipe posts from this blog over there, and will begin posting on both sites more frequently.