Tuesday, November 22, 2005 

Dessert quandries

I volunteered to make desserts for Thanksgiving for about 20 people, including two vegans. Now, what should I make?
  • Pumpkin-rum couscous cake
  • Cranberry lime tart
  • Gingerbread squares with honey-mascarpone cream
  • Sweet potato layer cake with orange-cream cheese frosting
  • Cranberry orange cheesecake with chocolate crust
  • Brown sugar cheesecake with bourbon butterscotch sauce
  • Graham cracker pudding
  • Pumpkin toffee cream pie
  • Raspberry trifle
  • Irish cream truffle fudge
  • Raspberry truffle fudge

I'm not sure what I'll decide, but I'll post recipes when all is said and done (and eaten!)

Monday, November 14, 2005 

Another sad day for Fairbanks restaurants

It had to happen eventually. Chili's is open for business. Sigh.

As I've said before, I don't oppose the idea of chain restaurants. I'm just sickened by the sight of a fully pack parking lot for a chain restaurant when Fairbanks has so many lovely eateries that are probably closer to empty. Why not support our local restaurants?

If Chili's has you salivating for Mexican food, why not check out Taco King on the Old Steese Highway? If it's the mixed drinks you're after, I've heard Jalapeno's (you know, just down the road from Chili's) has a good tequila bar. If you're just looking for a good dining value, Hot Tamale on Illinois Street has a steak sandwich the size of your head for about $10.

There are options - you don't need to blindly support the shiny new franchise.