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Tuesday, May 17, 2005 

Notes of the day: No news is ... good news?

Nothing was decided at the board meeting last night. Except to have another board meeting in early June to try to decide on a statement of purpose and where the board wants to go as far as the cabin. Argh!

After the meeting, James showed up at my apartment, so we sat on the deck for a while, drinking, smoking and eating cookies, while I regaled him with stories of the meeting. See, it's nice moments like that that make me sad about possibly leaving. Hopefully things will actually be decided at the emergency meeting.

On a positive and shallow note, I stopped by Value Village yesterday and all purple tags were $0.99. Hurrah! Sadly, the dress I fell in love with was not on sale, so I paid $6.99 for it, but I also got a bunch of other stuff, including a great Hawaiian barkcloth dress that doesn't quite fit me. It's too small, but I plan to add in fabric under the arms to adjust the fit. Who knows if that will actually work?

Best regards from NY!
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