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Monday, May 16, 2005 

Notes of the day

Well, tonight is the big night ... the Hidden Hill Board Meeting. If we can agree (and by that I mean if we can get the one holdout among the seven members), the cabin plan will move forward.

You see, I live in a commune. I was told when I moved in that as the newest resident, I would have to leave if the Friends in Residence showed up. The FIR had put off the trip for the last two years, but now they seem set on coming to Alaska, which means I would have to move out. However, there has been a movement to rebuild an old cabin that burned down many years ago. If they rebuild, I can stay, and Tom can join me.

So far, everything has been discussed, but nothing has been decided. It's the Quaker way, I guess. But now it's crunch time. If the Board doesn't agree to move forward on the cabin at this meeting, there won't be enough time to get it done before the FIR arrive. So I'm going to channel all my powers of persuasion and see what happens. Stay tuned....